In Focus gives newly listed companies access to a regulations expert free of charge for the whole first year as a listed company.

Additional support

The first year as a listed company can be a challenge in many ways. There are many demands, rules that need to be followed, new procedures for managing press releases, and financial reports that need to be implemented. Perhaps the most difficult of all is to assess what is inside information. Spotlight Stock Market therefore believe that, at the beginning of the listing, the companies will benefit from additional support, ranging from simple questions such as layouts of press releases and financial reports, to relatively difficult issues; for example, what constitutes good practice in the stock market for a particular issue.

Your own regulations expert

The regulatory experts work on Spotlight Stock Market's information surveillance and are experts on information and other issues relating to equity law. "In focus" means that the regulatory expert continuously follows the company's information during the first year listed at Spotlight Stock Market. It is a support and ball board for the company, and, if appropriate, comes with tips for improvements that the company can make in its information. The initial contacts with the regulatory expert are already in place when the company is in the listing process. The regulatory expert participates in the company's Investor Relations training (IR training). The IR  training is a shorter education focusing on information and evaluation of the company's capacity for information delivery. Thereafter, the regulatory expert gives a compulsory corporate training, which usually takes place at the end of the listing process. During the company training there is an opportunity to highlight and reconnect to questions arising from the IR training with the company. The regulatory expert participates in the listing committee meeting and gives their opinion as to whether the company may be accepted for listing or not, based on the existing and intended capacity for information disclosure. During the first year, the regulatory expert has ongoing contact with the company through telephone calls and mail. If necessary, the regulatory expert can arrange tailor-made training for the company's representatives or visit the company through a so-called company visit.

The company is in focus

The purpose of "In focus" is that the company should have a dedicated and focused person on Spotlight to turn to with questions or concerns. The company should feel that they are in focus and that the regulatory expert is familiar with the company's business and the issues that are relevant to the company. Spotlight believes that this service will make it both safer and easier for companies to be listed on Spotlight Stock Market.