The value of being good at  Investor relations

Investor relations is a combination of finance, marketing and communication between a listed company and their current, as well as potential investors and other stakeholders. It is about acquiring a good relationship with investors and good conditions to give a true and fair view of the company. For small and medium-sized companies, this can be a big contrast to the everyday communication, as there are many requirements on how to do it.

What is the goal?

  • enable the company to achieve a share price that reflects the company's true value
  • present the company to investors and allow the investors to communicate with the company
  • comply with the rules and requirements for listed companies

IR work involves contact with everyone from private investors who meet the company for the first time, to professional analysts. The level of knowledge can be very different between those you communicate with, which means that the information also need to be very varied.
It is important to find a balance between actively conveying your message and answering straightforward questions. Both are necessary to build trust in the company and the IR function. The IR work is largely influenced by both external and internal circumstances that one must act on, and it is important to have a clear IR strategy and an information policy.
To make it easier Spotlight listed companies, we offer regulatory experts, education, seminars and collaborations with partners who are happy share their knowledge.