Spotlight Stock Market was founded as AktieTorget in 1997 with a clear idea: to make it simpler, safer and more visible for growth companies to be listed. Since the first day we have been working to create the requisites for growth companies to get access to all the benefits the stock market has to offer in order to continue expanding their company.

Spotlight makes it easier 

We know that it can be both hard and time-consuming to be a listed company. Our solution simplifies your everyday life as a listed company. To us it is given that all our companies can benefit all the knowledge and experiences that we have gathered after all these years in the business. We know that companies might need support to create transparency, reliability and to be more visible to attract interested investors- all so that the company can focus on their core business and grow.


We have expanded Spotlight's offering with sector classification from Morningstar. The listed companies are classified in to 11 different sectors based on each company's main business, please see the attachment below to learn more.

Always included at Spotlight:

Spotlight offers training for the management teams and boards in the companies listed with us. The focus on information rules and regulations that apply to listed companies.

Seminars on current topics
At Spotlight, seminars are regularly held in current topics that concern you as a listed company.

During the first year, all our listed companies have their own of our regulatory experts. After that, of course, our regulatory experts will still be available for guidance, a call or an email away.

Proactive guidance
Spotlight gives you the possibility to, during the markets opening hours, discuss content and presentation before publishing your press releases. Spotlight also gives feedback after publication so that all companies continuously learn how to better write a pressrelease.
This service also provides greater security for the company's current and potential new shareholders.

Own Cision account for press releases
We include an account on Cision. Through this account, you can distribute an unlimited number of press releases to the financial market, with Spotlight your information will further reach all relevant media in Denmark, Sweden, and the rest of EU. The Cision account can also be used to utilize Cision's other services at their regular prices. Cision also offers solutions for other parts of your communications plan, such as international distribution, media coverage and enhanced IR functionality with links to your website.

To make you maximally visible to investors, we collaborate with leading news agencies that will report on news from you.

The news agency Finwire is a leading news agency for monitoring growth companies. On Spotlight, Finwire  cover your companys news and distribute them to relevant Swedish and Danish media as well as to international players such as Factset, Refinitiv and Bloomberg. This means that they will report all the news from you, such as interim reports and press releases.

News Agency Direkt
The news agency Direkt is Sweden's largest financial news agency. The collaboration means that Direkt is reporting your news, and in the case of events that they find them extra interesting you may be asked to be interviewed. In addition, your stock is monitored and highlighted at volatile share price movements in Direkt's Summary, Daily Stock Exchanges. In the case of a share issue or an IPO, Direkt will also cover and publish news.

Monitoring and analysis from Affärsvärlden
Spotlight cooperates with Affärsvärlden, which means that they cover the companies on Spotlight Stock Market, and to some extent write analyses about you.

Technical analysis
In collaboration with the News Agency Direkt, Tobbe Rosén at Vinnarbyrån makes a technical analysis of your share distributed in a video format for wider distribution. Every two months, a technical analysis is done on your stock, provided that your company have been listed for a while. The analyses are then published on your IR pages.

Own investor page

It can be both time consuming and expensive with a site. It is also an important junction to give investors a correct image of your company. By handling the page for you we are ensuring that all the relevant information about your company is released at the right time and place. We are releasing the latest press releases and interims, trading statistics, technical analysis, news watch from Finwire and Direkt, along with videos. This way investors can easily retrieve information about your company. This is a page we at Spotlight are handling without any extra costs. If you would like to make it easier for you you simply link to this from your own web site. If you wish you can also retrieve data per feed so that you can embed everything on your own site.

Please view one of the company pages to see all the information we are providing.

Cost free rights issue

We would like for our listed companies to develop and make new investments without big hurdles and costs. We know that a lot of companies want to continue raising capital for the next step in their growth. That is why you when listed always can go through with issues without any extra costs.