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It is given that all companies listed at Spotlight can take part of the knowledge and experience we have gathered after 20 years as a market place for growth companies. We would like to give you the support you need to meet the requirements on listed companies with the purpose to create transparency and authenticity. You also get the opportunity to become more visible for investors.

Access to a Nordic market for Growth Capital

When listing at Spotlight Stock Market as a Danish company you list on a Nordic marketplace. You get access to both Danish and Swedish investors through an extensive media collaboration. We provide this both during and after the IPO. This significantly increases the likelihood of heightened awareness of your company which in turn can lead to improved liquidity in the share. The increased awareness of your company and investor’s continuous direct access to information also makes it easier the next time your company seeks to raise additional growth capital.


Before you become a listed company at Spotlight you are offered training in:
— Investor Relations-training that focuses on your capacity as a listed company and how the communication of information is to be handled.
— Company training that focuses on increasing your understanding of communication of information pertinent laws for companies listed in Sweden.

Investor Relations-page handled by us
During the subscription period, we create your own Investor Relations-page, where an investor can find all information they might need. The IR-page is on Spotlights web site with thousands of visitors every day. You also get access to this content so that you easily can embed it on your own site.


Are you interested in learning more about listing? Please contact us!

Phone: +46 8-511 68 001

Email: listing@spotlightstockmarket.com


A legal and financial review is always done of your company before a listing. This is to ensure that you as a company are ready for a listing. We also establish a contact and give you suggestions on possible adaptions to be even better prepared for being listed.

Review of information capacity
We review and audit your information capacity before the life as a listed company begins since there are certain demands on you to communicate the information to the market. We help you to make sure that you have routines for a fast and easy communication of information to the stock market.

Review of memorandum or prospectus
At Spotlight you get a review of the memorandum or prospectus for listing or a possible new issue. We provide guidance, help you to make sure that the documents meet the demands, and support you if you have any concerns.

In focus, your own regulatory expert
All companies at Spotlight gets a regulatory expert for support and advice during their first year as listed. The purpose is that you feel comfortable with the rules, policies and demands on a listed company After the first year we are of course available for guidance no longer than a phone call away.


We make sure that you are visible and that your messaging is communicated in connection with your listing and share issues. A lot of investors visits our web site to find their next investment. That is why you get your own IR-page already during the subscription period along with access to Cision so that you can get a good reach with your press releases. We create a film about your company that we distribute in several different channels.

A listing is a big step in a company’s development - that needs to be celebrated! We would like to celebrate with you, your advisers and other invited. Everything is filmed and published on Spotlight's web site and various social media, and of course accessible for you to use. 

We make it easier

We want to give our companies the best possible requisites to live up to the listing demands and to be visible for investors. That is why our services are included in a set monthly cost. At Spotlight you know what you get – and the price of it.

Spotlight offers training for the listed companies directorates and boards. These are focused on the rules of information and relevant laws that apply to companies listed at Spotlight.

Seminars in current topics
At Spotlight there are regularly seminars in current topics concerning you as a listed company.

Unlimited amount of instruments
At Spotlight you don’t pay anything extra for trading in different instrument. This means that trading can take place with stocks, subscription rights, paid subscribed shares and warrants without any extra costs.

Cost free share issues and corporate actions
We don’t want there to be any obstacles for you to raise capital and continue your growth. That is why Spotlight don’t charge anything extra at share issues and other corporate actions* like splits, name change, etc.

We make it safer

All companies at Spotlight gets a regulatory expert for support and advice during their first year as listed. After the first year we are of course available for guidance a phone call, or email, away.

Review of press releases
We review all press releases and reports before the go public. This is a unique service offered by Spotlight and it highly decreases the risk that information not in line with the stock market complex regulations become public. That way we can guide you and proactively discuss instead of reacting afterwards. This service also gives new and existing owners of the company a higher safety.

Review of memorandum
To increase the trust for the marketplace and the safety for investors Spotlight has introduced demands on memorandum for rights issues below the prospectus limit. Before these rights issues we review your memorandum. This means that we make sure that the documents maintain the demands, and support you if you have any concerns.

We make you visible

Companies listed on Spotlight Stock Market get their own investor page on Spotlight's own well-visited web site. We are proud to have many thousands of visitors every day. The IR-page contains stock, important key ratio, owner data and press releases – much of what an investor might need to make their analysis.
Simple solution for Investor Relations page
We also offer a cost free and simple solution so that you can embed everything from your IR-page on Spotlight to your own web site.

Your own Cision-account for press releases
An account with Cision is included with us. Through this account you get to distribute an unlimited amount of press releases to the financial market in Sweden, Denmark and the rest of the European Union. You can use Cision’s other offers with their regular prices. Cision also offer solutions for other parts of your communication plan, for example international distribution, media watch and an increased IR-functionality with connections to your web site.

Coverage and analysis from SvD Börsplus
Spotlight collaborates with SvD Börsplus which means that they cover the companies on Spotlight and in some extent writes analysis about you. Many of these analyses will be available for all of SvD´s subscribers, to visitors of SvD.se and at Spotlight's web site. Some of the analyses will be republished in the paper edition of SvD.

News coverage
To maximize the visibility for investors we collaborate with leading news agencies that will report about news from you.

The news agency Finwire is Sweden’s leading news agency for coverage of growth companies. At Spotlight you get coverage from Finwire in both Danish and Swedish that have a reach to all relevant news media for example Dagens industri, SvD, Avanza and Refinitiv along with international actors like Bloomberg. This means that they will report about all news from you, like interims reports and press releases.

The news agency Direkt is Sweden’s largest financial news agency. The collaboration means that Direkt reports about your news and in events that they find extra interesting you might be interviewed. Your share is watched and highlighted in interesting share fluctuations in Direkt’s collected daily share news. During share issues and when being listed Direkt will also produce and publish news.

Technical analysis
A technical analysis is performed in collaboration with the news agency Direkt and Tobbe Rosén at Vinnarbyrån, it is made in a moving format for a wider reach. Every other month this analysis is done on your stock, provided that you have been listed some time. The analyses are published on your IR-pages.