The third session of Go Public Academy for the first group was about information disclosure. It included guidelines on how a listed company should publish information and how they can work with investor relations. Lectures were mixed with group work and ended with an individual meeting with the companies' regulatory experts.


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Disclosure of information

Hannes Hermansson, Deputy Head of Market Surveillance at Spotlight, spoke during the first part of the day. Hannes went through the most common cases when listed companies should publish information and the basics of Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), the most central regulatory framework that listed companies must follow. The participants were given assignments to discuss and apply this to their own business and how they process sensitive information in accordance with MAR.

Hannes explains why we included the section during the training day: "The purpose of the section is for the company to get a basic understanding on the central principles and rules for information disclosures, early on in their journey to become a listed company". Further, Hannes describes that "by doing this, the company has a great advantage the day they become listed, and by not having to learn all at once can stay more focused on developing their operations". 

Investor Relations

Jenny Rosberg, founder and CEO of ROPA, facilitated the second half of the day. ROPA provides digital corporate advisory through the platform Jenny walked through how companies develop and tell their equity story. Prior to the training session, all company representatives were given access to selected sessions on in order to prepare for the day. is ROPA’s corporate digital advisory helping business leaders and directors to be one step ahead in executing their business plan from a capital market perspective.

During the two-hour workshop session, the participants got the opportunity to work on their investment case, planning and strategies. Jenny's workshop included everything from exercises about financial goals to financial reporting and Investor Relations. Jenny comments that she ”likes activities and workshops that help management and the directors to get the job done, here and now."

What do the companies say?

Michel Bracké, CEO, WTS Positioning Solutions

“The third session of Go Public Academy was very useful with good speakers and content. I have experience from being CEO of a listed company and I have been to several training sessions provided by another stock market. I am very impressed with the overall program – it has truly been above my expectations! I look forward to see what comes next on the program.”

Henrik Nel Jerkrot, CEO, MindArk PE

“Understanding the regulations of MAR is of great importance for all companies with the ambition to do an IPO. It has been very valuable for us being able to talk to regulatory experts, ask questions, and do workshops about investor relations and information regulations, in order to be as prepared as possible for a potential IPO. Overall a great day with lots of valuable information to bring back home to the office in Gothenburg."