Our offering | Spotlight

Spotlight is one of the Nordics' leading market places for growth companies. Since the start we have worked to create best possible conditions for companies to get access to expansion capital and the market's advantages to continue growing heir company.

You become more visible at Spotlight

To us at Spotlight it is important that the listed companies become more visible for investors. A company that is not visible meet bigger challenges to raise the capital needed in order to continue growing. 

The increased visibility does not only make you better known - a listing also gives a stamp of quality. It can help with sales, marketing, recruitment and the company becomes a more attractive employer. 

We have focused on building a platform where we make the companies at Spotlight as visible as possible. We are collaborating with several news agencies and are working hard for you to be visible for more people - and in the end get the visibility you deserve. Our ambition is to have more news collaboration than others. Through distribution in both media and terminals you get a larger review which in many cases leads to increased trading in your stock. 


Are you interested in learning more about listing? Please contact us!

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Email: listing@spotlightstockmarket.com

The hub of spreading information: press releases

An important tool to be visible to investors is to send out press releases. A press release can reach a large number of recipients, like new agencies and potential investors. Through a press release the news get a wider spread, power and reach all recipients at the same time. Not only does it give you visibility, but it is a demand to prevent that some get information that might affect the stock before others. 

Spotlight + Cision

Spotlight is collaborating with Cision which gives you as a listed company access to Cisions tools to send out press releases and other important information. 

Cision is one of the leading actors in distribution of press releases. Through the collaboration the listed companies can be sure that their information is spread. Cision's tool is user friendly and is used by hundreds of stock companies both in, and outside of Sweden. Cision also offers valuable add-on services that the companies can use. 

Investors can subscribe to news from the listed companies through Cisions site. The companies can also add their own distribution lists, for example emails to other people interested in the company. 

Spotlight + News agency Finwire

Spotlight is collaborating with the news agency Finwire, an independent new agency specialized on covering smaller listed growth companies. 

Smaller companies are generally given less attention than large companies in media. Something we wanted to change. Through our collaboration with Finwire the news gets a wider distribution and increase the company's visibility, something we know is appreciated by the companies at Spotlight.

The collaboration with Finwire means that they are covering and report on all companies listed at Spotlight Stock Market. It also means that Finwire writes texts about the events Finwire considers to be extra interesting for investors. Finwire perform interviews and writes texts. The news are distributed to all newspapers and agencies like Reuters and Bloomberg, regularly shown at SvD.se, DI.se, DI/Stockwatch and through the websites of several banks. The news are also shown at Spotlight's website.

Spotlight + News agency Direkt

The news agency Direkt, one of the largest agencies within finance media, writes about news that are extra important for investors to take part of from the companies. This can for example be interim reports and press releases. 

Tobbe Rosén at Vinnarbyrån makes a technical analysis of the share. It is done in a video format for a wider distribution. The news and the technical analyses are distributed through Infront's terminals, news agency Direkt's news flow at the big stock brokers and new sites, and through news agency Direkt's channels in social media: Twitter, Facebook, and their Youtube channel, playdirekt.se.

Spotlight + SvD Börsplus

Spotlight is collaborating with SvD Börsplus, that is a part of SvD and that is produced by an independent staff. Through the collaboration the chances for Spotlight's companies to get attention and visibility. SvD Börsplus writes about analyses and present a buy-, neutral-, or sell recommendation. This is published in a digital format and are available to the people chosen to subscribe to SvD Börsplus.

SvD Börsplus monitors the companies on Spotlight and to some extent they are writing anyses. Some of these anayses are available to all SvD subscribers, to visitors at SvD.se and Spotlight's website. Some analyses are republished in the printed version of SvD.

Spotlight's website and the company's investor pages och bolagets investerarsidor

On Spotlight's website there is an investor page where all  information about each company is gathered. The company is also given access to use this on their own web site.

It is important that it is easy to find important information about the company to increase the interest from investors. Spotlight has given a lot of effort in to creating a IR-page. On the IR-page investors can find all the public information from the company. You can also find additional information such as historical stock prices and news, owners and board, analyses, films, annual reports and prospectus.