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Published: 2018-12-21 12:02:37

Scandion Oncology: Disclosure notice

Scandion Oncology A/S announces that one of its owners, CEO Nils Brünner has bought 272438 shares in Scandion Oncology. At the same time, Nils Brünner has sold 24076 shares to Scandion Oncology’s Chairman of the Board, Jørgen Bardenfleth. Before these transactions, Nils Brünner had 980759 shares in Scandion Oncology (8,74%). After the transactions, Nils Brünner owns 1229121y shares in Scandion Oncology corresponding to 10.11% of Scandion Oncology A/S.

Nils Brünner

CEO, Scandion Oncology

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