Trading can also be done through other banks which trade through our members, please contact your bank to see if there are able to trade Spotlight shares.

Spotlight's list of members

ABC ABG Sundal Collier ASA
AIV Aktieinvest FK AB
AVA Avanza Bank AB
CAR/CAD Carnegie Investment Bank AB
DDB* Danske Bank A/S
EPB Erik Penser Bank AB
MGF Mangold Fondkommission AB
MSN Morgan Stanley Europe SE
NDS/NRD Nordea Bank Abp (publ)
NON Nordnet Bank AB
PAS Pareto Securities AS
SFK** Sedermera Corporate Finance AB*
SBN SkandiaBanken AB
ENS Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
SIF Strukturinvest Fondkommission (FK) AB
SHB Svenska Handelsbanken AB
SWB Swedbank AB

*Sedermera Corporate Finance AB is a subsidiary of Spotlight Group AB, which also operates Spotlight Stock Market. Sedermera receives no other information about the companies on Spotlight than other trading participants. Spotlight Group AB has also taken measures to prevent any negative impact on the conflict of interests that may arise from Sedermera acting on Spotlight. 

Migration to INET


Spotlight Stock Market is currently changing its trading system towards Nasdaq INET which is set to feb 1st 2024. If you like to become a trading member before feb 1st 2024, please contact: If you like to become a trading member during our change of trading system, please visit this page for further instructions: Migration to INET | Spotlight (   

Below documents are only for the current trading system Elasticia - you will find all necessary information regarding our new trading system in the link above.

Technical News