Publicerat: 2020-12-16 09:39:32

Ritzau om Curasight A/S: Japanese patent application 2019-005811 is accepted for grant

This patent application relates to Curasight's therapeutic technology uTREAT[®] and uses thereof. More specifically the invention relates to human uPAR targeted radionuclide therapy, which enables local irradiation of cancer with almost no irradiation of healthy tissue. Together with uTRACE[®] the combination is known as uPAR Theranostics - the combination of therapy and diagnostics."The validation of this Japanese patent application has now been officially confirmed by the Japan Patent Office. For Curasight this is an important milestone in the development of uTREAT[®] as a therapeutic option in cancer" says CEO Ulrich Krasilnikoff.Curasight

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