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Publicerat: 2014-09-18 10:35:41

EQL Pharma AB: Clarithromycin HEC now substitutable with Klacid in Sweden

The Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) has now reached a positive decision regarding medicinal substitution between the pharmaceutical Clarithromycin HEC and the original pharmaceutical Klacid for the Swedish Market. The total yearly turnover for the original product in Sweden is approximately SEK 2.2 million. Currently there is no Clarithromycin generic on the market in Sweden, but one generic competitor is approved for sale in addition to Clarithromycin HEC. EQL Pharma’s goal is to start selling the product during Q1 2015 at the latest. The product will be sold under the name Clarithromycin HEC in order to get synergies in production, since the volume is quite small. EQL Pharma will hence be local representative for the product on the Swedish market. “Clarithromycin HEC is the first product we are launching as a part of our new collaboration with the Chinese pharmaceutical company HEC Pharm. To achieve the status medicinally substitutable with the original Klacid means that yet another important milestone has been reached on the way towards launch”, says Christer Fåhraeus, CEO at EQL Pharma. For further information, please contact: Christer Fåhraeus CEO EQL Pharma AB (publ) Telefon: +46 (0) 705 – 60 90 00 E-mail: christer.fahraeus@eqlpharma.com Website: www.eqlpharma.com EQL Pharma AB in short EQL Pharma is specialised in development and sales of generics, i.e. pharmaceuticals that are medically equivalent to original pharmaceuticals. The company has three (3) niche generics on the market and a pipe-line that will increase with at least 4 additional “first-in-class generics” (generics having no or very limited competition in addition to the original) at the latest during 2015, and at least another six (6) niche generics during 2016. The company is currently entirely focused on prescription medicines in the Nordic countries.

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