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Publicerat: 2013-06-11 09:44:30

MedicPen AB: MedicPen AB and M2M DataSmart collaborate for expansion of healthcare management solutions on CDMA based services in North America

New partnership will drive innovation and expand serviceability through leveraging M2M technology within the healthcare community.

San Diego, Calif., Halmstad, Sweden, June 11, 2013 - M2M DataSmart and MedicPen AB today announced a partnership that allows for medication delivery and tracking solutions to operate over secure cellular based technology for the emerging healthcare industry. MedicPen, already a leader in the medication delivery space, will bring their advanced technology to the US, focused on continuing success in the pharmaceutical industry as an extension of their worldwide presence. M2M DataSmart – a revolutionary wireless data service provider for the emerging machine-to-machine marketplace – leverages nationwide network capabilities as a cellular data network enabler (MVNE), targeting traditional OEM and Emerging Development companies in the North American markets. M2M DataSmart offers cost effective, no-hassle wireless connectivity and an enhanced service platform pipeline for its M2M devices – providing reliable, competitive, high-speed data throughput. “By partnering with M2M DataSmart, MedicPen has a very knowledgeable partner to assist with our North American product launch. Through leveraging M2M DataSmart’s technical expertise and wireless data enablement support model, we are confident for growth in this new market”, said Cristian Hallin, CEO of MedicPen. “Our solutions make it easier for patients to take the correct dose at the correct time. All pill ejections are recorded, which gives traceability and makes it easier for the patient, their doctor, healthcare staff, and relatives to check their treatment”, says Hallin. MedicPen’s configurable product portfolio puts safety in focus and helps its users take their medication correctly. The solution also brings high value through improved compliance associated with clinical trials in a safe, efficient and economical manner. These products combined with M2M DataSmart’s scalable platform for managing device status, data usage and real-time network health will serve a broad variety of customer and market requirements. “It is all about making M2M easy for customers to adopt and use. Hardware and airtime must be integrated within the supply chain if we truly expect to make the adoption of M2M simpler”, said Marc A. Adams, M2M DataSmart’s Vice President of Business Development. It is all about making M2M simpler, faster and more cost effective for emerging customers to get started and ultimately move into full commercial deployment. “For many innovators, the end-to-end process of bringing an embedded device or application to market can be daunting, which is why M2M DataSmart is pleased to partner with emerging companies such as MedicPen as a means to make the M2M supply chain simple “, says Adams. MedicPen will look to launch services later this year with additional products to follow in 2014. ABOUT M2M DATASMART M2M DataSmart is a new wireless data service provider for the emerging machine-to-machine marketplace (M2M). The company’s core business is providing affordable M2M airtime plans that are individually tailored to an application. M2M DataSmart reduces time to market by helping customers choose the correct CDMA module, providing test accounts, and assistance in certifying the application on the Sprint network. M2M DataSmart is a privately held company based in San Diego, California. For more information, visit ABOUT MEDICPEN MedicPen introduced the world’s first computerized pill dispenser that is especially suited to the pharmaceutical industry. Their solutions not only optimizes the dosage of medication during clinical trials, it also makes it easier for individual patients to follow their drug schedule. Whether you are a pharmacist, caregiver, medical representative, or patient, you are sure to use MedicPen every day. Contact information: MedicPen AB (publ), Box 803, S-301 18 Halmstad, Sweden Tel: +46 (0)35-100 800, Fax: +46 (0)35-100 848,

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