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Publicerat: 2015-05-19 09:06:10

Medfield Diagnostics AB: Medfield Diagnostics AB and German MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme sign cooperation agreement

Medfield Diagnostics AB, a leader in the development and production of systems for diagnosis of acute stroke, based on new ground breaking microwave technology, and MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme, a leader in integration of telemedicine technologies for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke in mobile and stationary applications, have agreed to join their forces and knowhow to offer healthcare providers efficient integrated pre-hospital solutions to improve diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke.

Under the new, non-exclusive cooperation agreement the two companies will combine their technologies to provide the market with integrated diagnostic and telemedicine solutions in emergency vehicles and stationary applications for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke.

“Our new microwave technology and our product MD 100, the Strokefinder, aims at facilitating a rapid and safe pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke already in the ambulance or even on site before the transportation to the hospital. A reliable exchange of information and data from the pre-hospital unit to the hospital is however essential for the outcome” says Dag Jungenfelt, CEO Medfield Diagnostics AB. “Through the cooperation with MEYTEC we will have access to the latest telemedicine technologies and their long experience with pre-hospital applications for diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke.”

“MEYTEC started more than 13 years ago to build and manage telemedicine applications for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke, including mobile clinics in emergency vehicles. A scientific study, involving more than 7000 patients in Berlin, has proven that pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment have a significant impact on how the patient will recover from a stroke. Time is essential as 2 million brain cells die every minute without treatment” says Gerhard W. Meyer, CEO MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme. “We believe that the new diagnostic technology developed by Medfield Diagnostics will complement current diagnostic modalities and significantly improve a fast and effective diagnosis of acute stroke especially in pre-hospital applications. We are very glad to be able to work with Medfield Diagnostics and together with them form the future of pre-hospital stroke care”.

Within the frame of this agreement, the two companies intend to develop efficient, integrated solutions that will benefit both patients and healthcare providers.

The cooperation is initially focused on, but not limited to, the German market.

About Medfield Diagnostics AB (

Medfield Diagnostics develops microwave diagnostic instruments. First series, Strokefinder is intended to distinguish stroke caused by a clot from stroke caused by bleeding. The need for a rapid diagnostic method for stroke is great since very few patients manage to get the necessary diagnosis and treatment in time. Stroke is currently the third leading cause of death and is one of the main causes of severe and prolonged disabilities among adults. Medfield's patented technology also has other promising areas of application, especially for the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries.

For more information please contact: Dag Jungenfelt CEO, Medfield Diagnostics ABTel. +46 70 987 28

About MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme (

MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme is a leading supplier of telemedical solutions for modern emergency and pre-hospital medical care. Secure communication solutions for real-time digital transmission of medical data including diagnostic images and video facilitates accurate and safe diagnose and treatment of patients from a remote location.

Expert know-how in telemedical and medical technologies coupled with a continuous dialogue with leading clinical expertise, enable MEYTEC to design and assemble the necessary infrastructure for transmission of medical data in hospitals and pre-hospital care units. MEYTEC has provided and maintains an extensive range tele-neurological networks in Europe and Asia.

For more information please contact: Gerhard W. Meyer CEO, MEYTEC GmbH InformationssystemeTel. +49 33398 78

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