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Publicerat: 2015-10-15 09:30:13

MedicPen AB: MedicPen AB and M2M Datasmart launch their Medimi with CDMA capability and has been approved in North America

Medimi with CDMA capability has been approved for operation with M2M DataSmart  in the US.. This will drive innovation and expand service by leveraging M2M technology within the Healthcare community.

Del Mar, CA and MALMOE, SWEDEN (October 13, 2015) MedicPen AB and M2M Datasmart in their more than three year partnership with the ambition to launch M2M connected medication delivery and tracking solutions announce today the availability of MedicPen’s Medimi portable pill dispenser. The Medimi device puts safety in focus and helps ensure its users take their medicine correctly. The solution also brings high value through improved compliance associated with clinical trials and dispensing of specialty medicines in a safe, efficient and economical manner. Medimi in combination with M2M Datasmart scalable platform for managing device status, data usage and real time network availability will serve a broad variety of customer and market requirements.

MedicPen today announced that they have received approval to launch the Medimi device on the M2M DataSmart provided CDMA network. “This confirms that Medimi has met current testing standards and is approved for launch in the US.” said Anders Skarman, CEO MedicPen. “By working with M2M DataSmart we have a very knowledgeable and experienced network technology partner to support our connectivity needs in the US. This of course is a big move for us and will open up new markets for our Medimi launch in the US. Our solutions make it easier for patients to take their medicine dose correctly and at the right time. All pill ejections are recorded and provide traceability pill by pill. It will make it easier for patients, doctors, healthcare staff and relatives to track their treatments. I believe we have a great future ahead of us in the USA” says Skarman.

“At M2M Datasmart our goal continues to be about making M2M easy for customers to adopt and use. Hardware, airtime and monitoring platforms must be integrated, affordable and accessible within the supply chain if we truly expect to make the Internet-of-Things a reality” said Marc Adams, VP of Sales and Business Development at M2M DataSmart.

MedicPen introduced one of the world’s first computerized pill dispenser that is especially suited to the pharmaceutical industry. Their solutions not only optimizes the dosage of medication during clinical trials, it also makes it easier for individual patients to follow their drug schedule.

Contact information:
MedicPen AB (publ), CEO Anders Skarman, Gustavsgatan 24, 216 11 Malmoe, Sweden Tel: +46 (0)35-100 800 or Cellphone + 46 761 70 35 60. Or visit

M2M DataSmart is a provider of wireless data services for the emerging machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Marketplace .The Company’s core business is providing affordable M2M airtime plans that are individually tailored to an application.

M2M DataSmart reduces time to market by helping customers choose the correct CDMA module, providing test accounts, and assistance in certifying the application on the Sprint network.

M2M DataSmart is a privately held company based in Del Mar, California.

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