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Publicerat: 2017-03-08 08:52:30

Medfield Diagnostics AB: Strokefinder used in clinical study on patients with head injury

Department of Neurosurgery at Sahlgrenska University Hospital has published a study in the Journal of Neurotrauma.

The publication named “Clinical evaluation of a microwave-based device for detection of traumatic intracranial hemorrhage" describes the enrolment of 20 patients admitted for surgery of chronic subdural hematoma and 20 health volunteers. Microwave examinations with Medfield Strokefinder was compared to the patients’ CT-scan. The result shows that the microwave method has great potential to detect bleedings in this group of patients.

“Although the trial is small, the result is promising and indicates a potential way to improve triage of head injuries and provide decision support in the prehospital setting – which today is very challenging”, says Medfield’s CEO Carl Ekvall, and continues: “It also opens for the possibility to use Strokefinder in the emergency room and to monitor head injured patients in intensive care units”.  Further trials of patients with acute head injury are ongoing and planned in the Västra Götaland region and abroad.

Medfield Diagnostics has developed a series of instruments - Strokefinder - which potentially enables triage, diagnosis and treatment to be moved from the large hospitals' specialist departments all the way to ambulances. For both stroke and trauma, early diagnosis to guide to the right care process and hospital is important as every minute of shortened time to appropriate care is of utmost importance. The Strokefinder series of instruments are portable, wireless, microwave-based instruments aiming at pre-hospital care. The instruments have great potential to create valuable time savings in the care chain and thereby positively affecting disease outcome. In turn, this will result in major economic savings to society in terms of saved lives and shortened rehabilitation. Strokefinder uses microwaves and is equipped with antennas transmitting and receiving signals that can potentially differentiate between a stroke caused by clot and bleeding and if a traumatic brain injury has led to bleeding.

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