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Publicerat: 2022-08-10 08:45:00

Wicket Gaming AB: Wicket Gaming's subsidiary Wegesrand signs museum project deals worth a total of 4,75 MSEK (429.200 EUR)

Wicket Gaming's subsidiary Wegesrand has signed two project deals with German museums worth a total of 4.75 MSEK (429.600 EUR). The clients are the city of Mannheim for the "Kunsthalle Mannheim" project and the City of Neuss for the "Clemens Sels Museum" project.

The project outline for Kunsthalle Mannheim (titled "Von Werk zum Display"), with a total deal value of 387.600 EUR, is to convert 24 artworks into a web-accessible interactive interpretation.

The Clemens Sels Museum project, with a total deal value of 41.600 EUR, aims at creating an interactive experience with multimedia games integrated in the museum space. The games are supposed to create an interactive experience for visitors through use of puzzles, combination tasks and quizzes related to the museum's collection.

In a comment, Wicket Gaming's CEO Eric de Basso says:

“It's great to see that Wegesrand delivers in accordance with our earlier communicated expectations and bringing direct value to Wicket Gaming”.

Wegesrand's CEO, Thorsten Unger, adds:

"With these two projects, Wegesrand underlines its unique expertise in the field of digitalisation for museums and exhibitions. This strengthens our position as one of the leading providers in this market."


For further information, please contact:

Eric de Basso, CEO, Wicket Gaming AB
E-mail: eric@wicketgaming.com  
Phone: +46 70 780 52 00

About Wicket Gaming

Wicket Gaming is a Swedish game development company founded in 2015. The company's business concept is based on developing and distributing so-called free-to-play games in the sports genre based on proprietary brands. Since its inception, the Company has worked to develop its first title, Cricket Manager, which is a manager game in cricket for mobile devices that aims to create and own its own cricket club and compete against other players around the world. The goal is to create one of the world's most popular cricket manager games for mobile devices and to use a technical platform to broaden the game portfolio to include other sports manager games.

For more information, see Wicket Gaming's website www.wicketgaming.com


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