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Publicerat: 2022-11-24 10:01:02

SelectImmune Pharma AB (publ): Communiqué from the Annual General Meeting of SelectImmune Pharma AB


On November 23, 2022, SelectImmune Pharma AB (publ) hekd its annual general meeting. A summary of the decisions made are listed below. All decisions were made unanimously.


Determining the income statement and balance sheet as well as distribution of income

The meeting decided to determine the income statement and balance sheet as included in

the presented annual report. The meeting decided to dispose of the company's results

according to the board's proposal in the annual report. Furthermore, it was decided that no

dividend will be paid for the financial year 2021/2022.


Discharge from liability

It was decided to grant the members of the board and the former and current managing

director freedom from liability for the period covered by the annual report presented at the

meeting. The members of the board or the managing director did not participate in this



Determining the number of board members, board deputies and the number of auditors

as well as determining the fees for the board and the auditors

The meeting decided that the board shall consist of five members without deputies and that

an auditor shall be appointed without deputies. The meeting further decided that directors

remuneration shall amount to a total of no more than SEK 225,000, with the following

distribution: The chairman and CEO shall not receive remuneration, while members who are

not employees of the company shall each receive SEK 75,000. It was decided that the fee to

the auditor should be paid according to an approved bill.


Election of board and auditor

It was decided to appoint Catharina Svanborg, Gabriela Godaly, Carl-Johan Wachtmeister,

Helena Lomberg and Magnus Nylén (new member) as board members for the time until the

end of the next annual general meeting. It was also decided to appoint Catharina Svanborg

as chairman of the board. Furthermore, it was decided to appoint the registered auditing

company Revisorsgruppen i Malmö AB as auditor until the next annual general meeting.

Revisorsgruppen in Malmö AB has announced that they will appoint the auditor Per Ranstam

as chief auditor.


SelectImmune Pharma AB 559104-6874




For more information, please contact:


Gabriela Godaly

CEO (acting), SelectImmune Pharma AB

Tel: +46 733 38 13 44

E-mail: gabriela.godaly@selectimmune.com


Catharina Svanborg

Chairman SelectImmune Pharma AB

Tel: +46 709 42 65 49

E-mail: catharina.svanborg@med.lu.se


SelectImmune Pharma is a pharmaceutical company whose shares are traded on the Spotlight Stock Market. The company develops new immunotherapies, which act as immune modulators and offer complements to antibiotics. Bacterial infections affect large parts of the population and are becoming increasingly difficult to treat due to increasing antibiotic resistance.


SelectImmune Pharma develops immunotherapies that cansupplement or replace antibiotics. Urinary tract infections (UVI) are extremely common, affecting at least 50% of all women. There is an immediate need for treatment alternatives and the potential markets are very large.

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