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26 September 2018
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Spotlight's first listing of a Danish company traded in DKK 

Spotlight launched its solution in Denmark during the spring. The first company to be listed was the technology company Freetrailer ­ and the interest from investors was overwhelming. Over 1100 Danish and Swedish investors applied for shares – resulting in an over-subscription of 159 percent. Trading in Danish companies on Spotlight brings liquidity from Danish and Swedish investors together. 

Please watch the video and learn more here 

At Spotlight we believe that everything great once was small

We put companies in the spotlight.

The stakeholders in our line of business have been looking and talking in the same way for a long time. With the name Spotlight we would like to change that; we want to change the way people are thinking about trading and listed companies. The foundation is a positive experience – companies are given the opportunity to grow and investors gets to join them on their journey.

We are making a strategic shift from being a traditional marketplace for stocks, to becoming a stronger platform with focus to put the spotlight on our companies. Our new identity is more modern, fresh and clear, and we are sure that it will contribute to understanding our purpose with Spotlight Stock Market.

Welcome to the Spotlight.


About Spotlight's product "In Focus"

During 2017 Spotlight Stock Market has developed a new product free of charge for newly listed companies. This product is called "In focus" and is for newly listed companies access to a regulations expert free of charge for the whole first year as a listed company.

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About Spotlight

This is Spotlight


At Spotlight we have a clear mission: to help growth companies to grow.

We have had a clear purpose since the start 20 years ago - we want to help companies to grow. The foundation is, just like then, to offer a well-functioning marketplace where growth companies can raise capital to be able to grow in the pace they would like to. Investors are at the same time getting the opportunity to be shareholders in interesting companies.

Today we are much more than a marketplace where you can buy and sell stocks. We are a marketplace that puts the companies in the spotlight. With our new brand it becomes even clearer - we are a place where people, ideas and growth companies can meet and grow. That is exactly what we are here for, but now in a new suit: Spotlight.


Spotlight is the marketplace where investors and growth companies meet. At Spotlight it is easier and safer for companies to be listed. We offer a overall solution that increase the visibility for our companies through unique media collaborations. Investors get through Spotlight the opportunity to become shareholders in more than 160 growth companies from different businesses and countries, among those are Storytel, Bahnhof and Synthetic MR.