Being a listed company means that there are certain information rules to follow. 
We know that it may feel complicated and time consuming to, as listed company, have to comply with regulations - but by living up to the listing requirements, it gives your company a stamp of quality that leads to increased confidence.


Questions about regulations?
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Proactive review

As a listed company, it is important that the right information goes out at the right time, in the right channels and to the right recipient. With the help of our regulatory experts, the risk of companies releasing incomplete, difficult to interpret or misleading 
information is reduced. Spotlight gives you the opportunity to discuss content and design during the market opening hours before 
the publication of a press release. We review all press releases and reports when they are published and give you continuous feedback 
afterwards so you can learn how to best write a press release. The purpose is to maintain confidence in the company while protecting investors.


Disciplinary committee    

While Spotlight is not legally required to establish a disciplinary committee, it has been done voluntarily to increase the safety for Spotlight and its listed companies. With a disciplinary committee, Spotlight’s companies and members will have their cases reviewed before any action is taken as a result of regulatory breaches. The Disciplinary Committee is an autonomous body that makes its decisions wholly independent of Spotlight. The Disciplinary Committee consists of several of Sweden’s leading attorneys and experts in securities law. The Disciplinary Committee has a chairman and three members.


Read more about Spotlight's disciplinary committee here.