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Whether you’re a small business looking to go further or an investor looking for an exciting prospect, let us help you get there.

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05 June 2020
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IPO Guide

IPO of the year

Spotlight is proud to once again be awarded the IPO Guide's annual gala. This time we won Best list - Course development, small companies, the IPO guide's jury has found that small companies listed on Spotlight have shown better price performance than listings on other lists.

We also won Best List -Quality, micro companies. Listing of micro companies on Spotlight performed better than listings on other lists.

Spotlight companies FluoGuide and Selectimmune Pharma received  price for Course Development, micro companies, and Quality, micro companies respectively.

Welcome Bioextrax

Bioextrax's first day of trading is April 28th. It is a company specializing in research and development of technical platforms for converting organic waste into various environmentally friendly materials.

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"We think it is really positive that companies try and can raise capital, even during difficult times, and that we see a continued strong interest in becoming listed. Our job is to ensure that our product enables growth companies to continue to grow and we see that it is possible."

Emelie Jarnesten, Head of Business Operations

Welcome to Monivent

March 17th was the first day of trading for Monivent. They specialize in the development of medical devices sold under different brands and adapted for clinical use in obstetrics and neonatal wards.

“Sometimes circumstances makes it impossible for us to get together to celebrate the listing of a company. We are glad that innovative companies like Monivent found a way to ring in their first day of trade. Welcome, we are thrilled to have you on board!”

Peter Gönczi, CEO Spotlight.

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Spotlight enters into agreement with Ritzau Finans and expand our
Danish eco-system

Spotlight is happy to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Ritzau Finans. Important parts of financial eco-systems are that several independent parties contribute to- and distribute information to investors. 

“It is our experience that the eco-system creates increased quality and trust, which leads to a more active marketplace. A more active marketplace is an advantage for both investors and companies.”
Peter Gönczi, CEO Spotlight Stock Market

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Spotlight is the marketplace where investors and growth companies meet. At Spotlight it is easier and safer for companies to be listed. We offer a overall solution that increase the visibility for our companies through unique media collaborations. Investors get the opportunity to become shareholders in more than 170 growth companies from different businesses and countries, among those are Freetrailer, Bahnhof and Synthetic MR.