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17 October 2019
This year
Companies listed
Daily turnover (SEK)
36 430 175
Daily turnover (DKK)
405 080
Market Overview

First day of trade

Spotlight welcomes Fleming Properties

Fleming Properties is a real estate company focused on owning and managing office properties in Helsinki. The company currently manages office premises of about 41,000 sq.m., where SOK, the S-group's administrative organization, is the company's largest tenant.

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Spotlight enters into agreement with Ritzau Finans and expand our
Danish eco-system

Spotlight is happy to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Ritzau Finans. Important parts of financial eco-systems are that several independent parties contribute to- and distribute information to investors. 

“It is our experience that the eco-system creates increased quality and trust, which leads to a more active marketplace. A more active marketplace is an advantage for both investors and companies.”
Peter Gönczi, CEO Spotlight Stock Market

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Impact Summit

Spotlight is proud to be a part of Impact Summit 2019 where we discussed Swedens opportunities to become world leading in "impact investing", investments in companies that contributes to make the world a better place.

Go Public company Amido

Amido provides access control management software as a service to real estate companies.

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Freetrailer about their listing

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Spotlight is the marketplace where investors and growth companies meet. At Spotlight it is easier and safer for companies to be listed. We offer a overall solution that increase the visibility for our companies through unique media collaborations. Investors get the opportunity to become shareholders in more than 170 growth companies from different businesses and countries, among those are Freetrailer, Bahnhof and Synthetic MR.