The listing process 

A listing process normally takes between four to six months. Spotlight works close to the company during this time to make this as smooth as possible.  

How it's done

A initial meeting will take place where you as a company will present your case. At this point these is for the most part a financial
advisor involved and sometimes a legal advisor. The financial 
advisor will help you raise the capital you need. Spotlight is
responsible for handling the listing process, to make sure that the company lives up to the listing requirements.  

The must-haves

Free float

At least 10% of the total amount of the share needs to be in what’s called the general public (free float). The free float is the number of shares that will be traded frequently creating liquidity. The requirement is 10 %, however a Spotlight average free float is 70%.


There must be at least 300 shareholders in the company and these people need to own shares that are worth at least SEK 4000 each.

Accounting standard

Is either K3 or IFRS. Going from K2 to K3 is an easier transition than reporting according to IFRS. If you don’t know your accounting standard, ask your accountant. Speaking of that you need to have an authorized accountant.

The Equity story

The prospectus or the memorandum is where a company describe their business. It’s also the document that potential investors will read before investing in a company. Describing why someone should invest in your company is called “The Equity Story” and is one of the most important part to describe in a prospectus or memorandum. There are also some things that must be in there, that’s also central. You find the list below.

Handling the disclosure rules

Once you are listed the rules that determines what information needs to be published is set in Spotlight rules which are called disclosure rules. If you are not familiar with these don’t worry there are an education build into the process to learn. However, we do expect companies to show that they have the capacity of coping with these rules. Many times, companies have people that has done this before in the board or as an advisor (it’s not a requirement).

There is a lot more to this story and we are happy to tell you all about it. 
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