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Published: 2024-02-26 08:00:00

WntResearch AB: WntResearch initiates collaboration with Business Sweden with the goal of establishing commercial partnerships for Foxy-5 in Japan and South Korea

WntResearch announces today that the company has initiated a collaboration project with Business Sweden with the aim of establishing one or more commercial partnerships for the drug candidate Foxy-5 with Japanese and South Korean companies. 

The collaboration takes place within the framework of Business Sweden's export project, which aims to introduce Swedish innovations to new international markets by promoting partnerships and networking, as well as providing financial support for research projects in small and medium-sized companies.   

Business Sweden will assist WntResearch in evaluating and establishing contact with potential partners for licensing or commercial collaboration agreements related to WntResearch's drug candidate Foxy-5. Within the project WntResearch has decided to prioritize pharmaceutical companies in the South Korean and Japanese markets to best leverage Business Sweden's network and deep industry knowledge there. The goal is to out-license Foxy-5 to a partner that has the ability to commercialize Foxy-5 on a regional or global level. 

"Business Sweden is a key catalyst for internationalization and partnerships for small and medium-sized Swedish companies, and it's fantastic to have access to their expertise and network to find the right partner for WntResearch," says Klaus Christensen, Chief Commercial Officer at WntResearch. 

WntResearch is developing the drug candidate Foxy-5 as a new potential treatment for colon cancer. Foxy-5 is currently being evaluated in the ongoing clinical phase 2 study NeoFox, which will be conducted at several trial centers in Spain and Hungary. The aim is to establish proof of concept for the drug candidate in the treatment of patients with stage III colon cancer. 

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Pernilla Sandwall, CEO 

About WntResearch 

WntResearch AB (publ) is developing a completely new type of drug with the potential to improve survival in cancer without giving rise to serious side effects.  Ad hoc observations from an ongoing phase 2 study in patients with colon cancer indicate that the company's drug candidate Foxy-5 has a tumour suppressive effect already after three weeks of treatment. This means that Foxy-5 could counteract the ability of cancer cells to spread and invade healthy tissue, but also potentially eliminate cancer cells. The clinical study is now continuing with the aim of confirming these promising research findings. WntResearch then intends to establish partnerships with one or more international pharmaceutical companies for the final stages of development and global commercialization. 

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