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Published: 2024-06-20 20:01:32

WntResearch AB: WntResearch presents ad hoc observations from the NeoFox study at ESMO GI

WntResearch announces that a poster on the previously communicated positive ad hoc observations from the ongoing clinical phase 2 study NeoFox, will be presented at ESMO Gastrointestinal Cancer Congress (ESMO GI), the leading European congress for gastrointestinal cancer held between June 26-29 in Munich, Germany.  

The poster presented at ESMO GI details ad hoc observations from 110 patients in the ongoing NeoFox study, indicating that a three-week pre-operative treatment with Foxy-5 rapidly reduces local tumour spread of colon cancer. Additionally, the poster includes new data on tumour (T)-staging. NeoFox is an open, randomized phase 2 trial in patients with stage II/III colon cancer that compares pre-operative treatment with Foxy-5 to an untreated control group.  

The results in brief: 

Pre-operative treatment with Foxy-5 was associated with an excellent safety profile. 

Histopathological examination of surgically removed tissue suggested an effect of Foxy-5 on the local spread of the primary tumors within 3-4 weeks of treatment: 

  • Fewer patients had perineural invasion of cancer cells 

  • Fewer patients had venous invasion of cancer cells 

  • Foxy-5 was associated with TN(M) downstaging 

The significance of histologic findings in a neoadjuvant setting in colon cancer is supported by an indirect comparison with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (FOLFOX). 

The title of the poster is: “Positive ad hoc results from neoadjuvant Foxy-5 treatment of colon cancer patients in the ongoing phase 2 NeoFox study.” 

WntResearch has redesigned the study following the positive observations to focus on the early pre-operative effects in stage III colon cancer and plans to present initial efficacy data towards the year-end 2024. Final results are expected during 2H 2025.  

For further information, please contact: 

Per Norlen CEO 

About WntResearch 

WntResearch AB (publ) is an oncology biotech company that develops new therapies to prevent cancer metastasis. The company’s research is focused on the protein WNT5A, which in preclinical models has been shown to reduce the ability of tumor cells to migrate and spread in the body. WntResearch’s drug candidate Foxy-5 is a peptide that mimics the function of WNT5A, with the aim of redcucing mortality by preventing metastasis. Foxy-5 has a unique mechanism of action and has demonstrated a good safety profile with few side effects in clinical trials. Foxy-5’s safety and efficacy profile is now being evaluated in patients with stage III colon cancer in the ongoing clinical phase 2 trial NeoFox.  

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