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Published: 2016-08-19 08:06:18

WntResearch AB: New scientific article shows that WntResearch's drug candidate Foxy-5 increases the production of a tumor-inhibiting enzyme

A scientific article published online in Molecular Oncology describes new preclinical research that underscores the potential of WntResearch’s drug candidate Foxy-5 to inhibit tumor development in colon cancer. The conducted experiments also provide a better understanding of the compound's mechanism of action.

Professor Tommy Andersson's research team, along with another group of scientists at Lund University, have shown that both the endogenous protein Wnt-5a and WntResearch’s drug candidate Foxy-5 inhibits the so-called canonical Wnt signaling in cancer cells. This results in a certain reduction in tumor growth but more importantly in a considerably increased production of the tumor inhibitor 15-PGDH. This tumor inhibitor is an enzyme that promotes breakdown of the substance prostaglandin E2 which drives tumor development, in particular in colon cancer cells.

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