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Published: 2016-08-31 08:23:40

WntResearch AB: New research provides further insights on the mechanisms of Wnt-5a and its role in the human body's defence system against breast cancer.

A group of scientists from several institutions, including Karolinska Institutet, has published new scientific findings that further clarifies the mechanisms of action of the endogenous protein Wnt-5a and its ability to prevent breast cancer. The findings of this independent group of scientists confirm the central role of the protein in preventing tumour progression that has previously been described by Professor Tommy Andersson’s research team, among others. The results provide further support for the concept of treating breast cancer patients that lack Wnt-5a with WntResearch’s drug candidate, the Wnt-5a-agonist Foxy-5.

The scientific article has been published online at PLOS Genetics and is available at the link below:

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