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Published: 2011-06-29 13:56:26

WntResearch AB: WntResearch has successfully concluded the first tox study with Foxy-5

WntResearch AB (publ) has together with LPT, Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH in Hamburg, finalized the first important step of toxicology studies required by medical authorities preparing for phase 1 clinical studies in cancer patients. A dose range finding (DRF) study in rats and maximum tolerated dose (MTD) study in dogs have now successfully been completed. A first short overview is given below - WntResearch is still awaiting two final reports due in August this year and will update the market with more information should this be of general interest.

The DRF and MTD studies in two not previously tested species constitute the preparation for setting a dosing regime in the GLP (good laboratory practice) studies to follow in the same species as well as in the subsequent phase 1 safety studies in humans. The 4 weeks GLP study is required before applying for a permit to start phase 1 studies in man. The Company plans to start enrolling patients for a phase 1 study in June 2012. The findings in these toxcigology studies were as normally expected and the company will continue its Foxy-5 program as planned and make use of the existing information from the tox study to plan further preclinical and clinical studies. CEO Bert Junno comments: "The results from these tox-studies of Foxy-5 are very positive and will allow us to continue as planned. The results meet the timelines which allows us to enroll patients in the first in man safety study in about one year's time. The results will be of interest to the pharmaceutical industry since WntResearch has greatly improved its platform of important safety data." About LPT LPT has been established within the industry since 45 years back and is a partner who is accustomed to working both with small and large pharmaceutical companies. LPT delivers to the exacting specifications and have all the permits required by the European and U.S. drug regulatory agencies to conduct development activities. About WntResearch AB WntResearch (WNT.ST) is a public company listed at the and is a research based Biotech Company spun out of Lund University, Sweden, founded in 2007. The focus and aim of WntResearch is to develop novel anti-metastatic therapies, in areas of unmet need, for the treatment of cancer patients. The company has two major drug development projects, Foxy-5 and Box-5. The lead project is Foxy-5 which is currently being tested in-vivo models and is planned to enter and finalize phase 1 clinical trials in metastatic cancer in 2012. For more information contact: Bert Junno VD, WntResearch AB (publ) Tel: +46-707-772209 E-post:

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