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Published: 2013-11-06 09:45:26

WntResearch AB: The first six patients screening is being processed in the ongoing Foxy-5 phase 1 study

WntResearch AB (WNT.ST) announces that diligent work with technical transfer of immunohistochemistry at the Pathology Department, Herlev Hospital has succeeded and the first six patients screening is now being processed. WntResearch will receive results from the analysis during this week. The patients who can be included in the Foxy-5 trial have to have no or low endogenous levels of Wnt-5a.

The company is running the trial at the Oncology Unit at Herlev University Hospital in Denmark in patients with metastatic breast, colorectal or prostate cancers with no or low expression level of the protein called Wnt-5a in their primary tumors. By offering treatment with Foxy-5 to patients with no or low endogenous levels of Wnt-5a the objective is to inhibit the metastatic process. All approvals from authorities are in place and the oncologists and patients are ready as soon as the results from the screening procedures are in place. CEO Nils Brünner comments: "We are looking very much forward to receiving the results from the pre-screening of the initial six patients. The first patient that can be included in the Foxy-5 study is planned to be treated on the first following Monday after receiving the result. We have designed Foxy-5 to prevent metastases – a feared and often lethal condition for cancer patients." For further information please contact: Nils Brünner, CEO E-mail: Telephone: +45 2614 4708 About Foxy-5 Foxy-5 is an anti-metastatic drug in Phase 1. Foxy-5 has a significant market potential within oncology. Foxy-5 represents a first-in-class concept for the treatment of cancer. The study drug targets the metastatic process, which is the primary reason for cancer deaths. Foxy-5 is one of the first antimetastatic products ever to enter clinical trials. Foxy-5 offers a potential paradigm shift to influence the treatment of many large cancer indications including breast-, colon and prostate cancer. About WntResearch AB WntResearch (WNT.ST) is a public company listed at AktieTorget. WntResearch is developing novel anti-metastatic therapies for the treatment of cancer patients.

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