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Published: 2014-03-19 08:16:43

WntResearch AB: WntResearch has now received a US Patent for its Lead Cancer Compound Foxy-5

WntResearch AB (WNT.ST) announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company’s patent on Foxy-5 as patent No 8,674,060. The claims of the patent cover the company’s lead compound Foxy-5 and several other peptides, as well as pharmaceutical compositions comprising such peptides. The patent office has furthermore decided that the normal patent term, running 20 years from the filing date of 30 May 2006, will be adjusted by an additional 789 days. Patents for Foxy-5 have already been granted in Australia, China and Japan.

CEO Nils Brünner comments: ”This grant of a Foxy-5 patent in the USA is a real important milestone for WntResearch and it will provide the Company with a strong position for future development and commercialization of Foxy-5 as a first in class anti-metastatic cancer drug and I also like to thank AWAPATENT AB who have worked closely with us on the Foxy-5 patent applications” says Professor Nils Brünner, CEO of WntResearch. “ For further information please contact: Nils Brünner, CEO E-mail: Telephone: +45 2614 4708 About Foxy-5 Foxy-5 has a significant market potential within oncology. Foxy-5 represents a first-in-class concept for the treatment of cancer. The study drug targets the metastatic process that is the primary reason for cancer deaths. Foxy-5 will be one of the first antimetastatic products ever to enter clinical trials. Foxy-5 offers a potential paradigm shift to influence the treatment of many large cancer indications including breast-, colon and prostate cancer. About WntResearch AB WntResearch (WNT.ST) is a public company listed at AktieTorget. WntResearch is developing novel anti-metastatic therapies for the treatment of cancer patients. The company’s lead product Foxy-5 is in phase 1.

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