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Published: 2014-06-10 16:46:08

WntResearch AB: WntResearch to Receive Patent in Europe

WntResearch AB today announces that the European Patent Office issued a communication on 4 June informing the company that it intends to grant European patent No. EP 1 888 628 once the company has completed all steps required before grant. The claims of this patent application cover thirteen different peptides, as well as pharmaceutical compositions including the peptides and use of the peptides in treatment of cancer. These peptides are related to the Foxy-5, for which WntResearch has already been granted patents in Australia, China, Japan, Canada and the United States. Foxy-5 is currently in a phase 1 dose escalating study in patients with solid tumours.

CEO Nils Brünner comments: “I’m very pleased to announce that our patent strategy for WntResearch’s lead compound Foxy-5 is processing as planned. Patents for Foxy-5 have already been granted in Australia, China, Japan, Canada and the United States.” For further information please contact: Nils Brünner, CEO E-mail: Telephone: +45 2614 4708 About Foxy-5 Foxy-5 is an anti-metastatic drug candidate in clinical Phase 1. Foxy-5 represents a new concept (first-in-class) in the treatment of cancer. The drug candidate aims directly at the metastatic process. The spread of the tumor is the most common reason of death for cancer patients. Foxy-5 is one of the first anti-metastatic drug candidates to be investigated in the clinical setting. Foxy-5 offers a potential shift in the anticancer treatment paradigm in the treatment of many large cancer indications including breast-, colon, and prostate cancer. About WntResearch WntResearch (WNT.ST) is a public company listed at AktieTorget. WntResearch is developing novel anti-metastatic therapies for the treatment of cancer patients with metastasis. The company’s lead product Foxy-5 is in phase 1 and Box-5 is in pre-clinical phase. The company is focusing on Foxy-5.

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