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Published: 2014-09-16 17:27:58

WntResearch AB: WntResearch shares

Tommy Andersson, CSO, WntResearch has for personal and financial reasons sold a small amount of his shares in WntResearch. After this, Tommy Andersson still has a significant number of shares in WntResearch. It should be stressed that Tommy Andersson does not have any insider information about the ongoing clinical phase I study or on other activities in WntResearch which would influence the share price. The Company’s clinical phase I study is running according to the plans and no dose limiting toxicity has been observed. For additional information please contact: Nils Brünner, VD E-post: Telefon: + 45 2614 4708 Om WntResearch WntResearch AB is a public Company on the AktieTorget in Sweden. WntResearch develops anti-cancer drugs to be used to combat metastatic spread of cancer cells. WntResearch has one drug candidate in clinical phase I study – Foxy-5- and one drug candidate in preclinical development – Box-5. The Company is currently mainly focusing on the development of Foxy-5.

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