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Published: 2015-03-31 12:12:09

WntResearch AB: WntR presents data from Foxy-5 phase 1 at time for ASCO

WntResearch AB today announces that results - from the first 7 dose levels of the soon completed phase 1 study - will be presented as a press release to the market at time for the ASCO conference in late May – beginning of June. The data will not be presented at the conference as planned, as the Recommended Dose for treatment in humans has not yet been reached. Since Foxy-5, up to dose level 7, has shown no toxicity, a previously communicated Phase 1b study with Foxy-5 in higher doses is currently being planned. This study will include pharmacodynamic measurements for proof of concept of Foxy-5 in cancer patients.

Nils Brünner, CEO says, "WntResearch had filed for presentation of its dose escalation results at this year’s ASCO. However, when filing we expected to have reached the Recommended Dose for Foxy-5. Now that we know that the substance has no toxicity at given doses, we are aiming for higher doses in the Phase 1b study to find the most optimal setting for the subsequent phase 2 study. Anyhow, the WntResearch team will be attending the ASCO meeting in Chicago and we will present our data to potential partners and investors on one-to-one meetings.” For additional information please contact: Nils Brünner, CEO E-mail: Telephone: + 45 2614 4708 About WntResearch WntResearch AB is a public company on the AktieTorget in Sweden. WntResearch develops the anti-cancer compound Foxy-5 to be used to combat the metastatic process of cancer. WntResearch has one drug candidate in clinical phase 1 – Foxy-5 – as well as one candidate drug in preclinical development – Box-5. The Company is currently focusing mainly on the development of Foxy-5.

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