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Published: 2015-12-02 17:37:19

WntResearch AB: Preclinical toxicology studies for Foxy-5 are completed

WntResearch today announces that the Foxy-5 preclinical toxicology studies in rats and dogs have been completed. No toxicities have been observed.

The final toxicology studies for Foxy-5 in rats and dogs have been completed. No adverse effects in either species have been observed even at the highest doses applied. The only reported observation was that male rats showed a slightly reduced body weight at the highest dose, whereas this tendency was not seen in female rats or in dogs of any sex. It is worth mentioning that the animals received Foxy-5 every day (duration 6 months for rats and 9 months for dogs) while patients in the recently finalized clinical study (see press release as of November 5) received Foxy-5 only three days a week.

CEO, Nils Brünner explains: “Our plan has been to combine Foxy-5 with standard chemotherapy in order to hit the cancer cells from different directions. These new data, together with the results from our recently finalized clinical phase 1 study, make us confident that Foxy-5 is a non-toxic compound. Hence, we will be able to combine Foxy-5 with almost any type of chemotherapy and maybe even with newer biological agents. I am very satisfied with these results and we are looking forward to continue the exiting journey with Foxy-5 by initiating the planned phase 1b study as soon as possible.”

For additional information please contact:
Nils Brünner, CEO
Telephone: + 45 2614 4708

About WntResearch
WntResearch AB is a public company on the AktieTorget in Sweden. WntResearch develops the anti-cancer compound Foxy-5 to be used to combat the metastatic process of cancer. WntResearch has one drug candidate in clinical phase 1 – Foxy-5 – as well as one candidate drug in preclinical development – Box-5. The Company is currently focusing mainly on the development of Foxy-5.

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