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Published: 2015-12-28 17:31:07

WntResearch AB: WntResearch strengthens the management team by appointing a new CEO

To focus entirely on WntResearch's clinical development, CEO Nils Brünner has requested to continue his work in the company as Chief Medical Officer instead of CEO. To replace Nils Brünner the company has appointed Henrik Lawaetz as new CEO from January 1, 2016.

WntResearch recently completed a Phase 1 clinical trial with its first drug candidate, Foxy-5. The company is about to embark on an intensive clinical development phase when shortly starting up a Phase 1b study, while continuing to plan for the subsequent Phase 2 study. With the high intensity of work right now, the current CEO Nils Brünner has expressed strong desires to the Board to have full focus only on the clinical development and thus relinquish the administrative responsibility of the company. The Board has therefore appointed Henrik Lawaetz as the new CEO for WntResearch, effective from 1 January 2016. Nils Brünner will henceforth be responsible for, and focus primarily on the company's clinical development program as Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Chairman Peter Ström is very positive about the changes: "We are very happy that we found a solution that allows us to strengthen the management team, while Nils Brünner now will be able to focus entirely on the clinical development. Nils has made a fantastic work as CEO and is an extraordinary person, who is difficult to replace. But we are so fortunate that we will still be able to utilize his great competence in the areas were he excels. With Henrik Lawaetz on board we get new skills and an extensive experience in business development and leadership within the Life Science area. Henrik not only has a vast experience from start-ups, operation and business development of research-oriented biotech companies, he is also himself a medical doctor.”

Resigning CEO Nils Brünner comments: I am very pleased with the new situation. I look forward to a productive collaboration with Henrik and to continue leading the clinical development of Foxy-5."

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Peter Ström, Chairman
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About WntResearch
WntResearch AB is a public company on the AktieTorget in Sweden. WntResearch develops the anti-cancer compound Foxy-5 to be used to combat the metastatic process of cancer. WntResearch has one drug candidate in clinical phase 1 – Foxy-5 – as well as one candidate drug in preclinical development – Box-5. The Company is currently focusing mainly on the development of Foxy-5.

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