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Published: 2016-02-29 08:00:56

WntResearch AB: WntResearch announces final results from the phase 1 trial with Foxy-5

The final analyses confirm the preliminarily positive results, which were presented in November 2015. In addition, the results provide much useful information for the further clinical development.

The results from the Phase 1 study shows that no dose limiting toxicity for Foxy-5 could be detected at any of the eight dose levels examined in the study. Low toxicity ensures the best conditions for Foxy-5 to be combined with other cancer treatment.

Tumor samples successfully taken from 2 patients, both before and after treatment with Foxy-5, demonstrated a marked down-regulation of certain gene products essential for tumor spread. Although these findings do not prove a biological effect, they will be of importance for future studies of biological markers in the recently initiated Phase 1b study.

"We have been looking forward to the final results from the Phase 1 study. They confirm the good results already presented in the preliminary report, and we have now a very good basis for the further clinical development ", says Henrik Lawaetz, CEO of WntResearch.

Final results are summarized and discussed in a newsletter that will be published on the company's website.

For additional information please contact:
Henrik Lawaetz, CEO
Telephone: + 46 72 702 4694

About WntResearch
WntResearch has entered the clinical development phase with the company's first drug candidate, Foxy-5, which in animal models has been shown to dramatically inhibit the spreading of tumors (metastasis). The company goal is to commercialize new drugs against tumor metastasis. WntResearch is based on research from Professor Tommy Andersson and his research group at Lund University. Their research is aimed at developing innovations based on the protein Wnt-5a and its role in cancer. In addition to Foxy-5, which is in phase 1 clinical development, the company has a preclinical development program - Box-5.  In addition to Foxy-5, which is in phase 1 clinical development, the company has a preclinical development program - Box-5. This is a peptide carrying the potential to inhibit metastases in some cancer forms where Foxy-5 is not an adequate treatment.
WntResearch AB is a public company listed on AktieTorget. For more information see

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