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Published: 2016-08-25 08:40:49

WntResearch AB: WntResearch provides update from the ongoing phase 1b-study with Foxy-5

WntResearch today announces that the phase 1b-study of Foxy-5 – a drug candidate for the prevention of metastasis – after approved safety evaluation at completed dose level three is now advancing to the next dosage level in Denmark. Furthermore, dosage of patients has been able to commence in the UK, while the company has decided not to extend the trial to further study centres. 

Next to the primary study centre in Denmark, dosage of patients has recently been able to commence at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care (NCC), Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, UK. After deliberations with the Swedish Medical Products Agency, WntResearch has decided to refrain from the previously planned expansion of the study to Skåne’s University Hospital. The reasoning behind the decision is that a new formulation of Foxy-5 which is going to be used for the phase 2 study, was also intended to be used for the Swedish part of the study, and this drug substance will not become available until next year.

”It is satisfying that the study advances according to plan at our primary study centres in Denmark and that the first patients can now be included at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, UK. The results of the study will give us an important platform for further decisions, well ahead of time before the start of a phase 2-trial next year.”, says Henrik Lawaetz, CEO at WntResearch.

The Phase 1b-study with Foxy-5 is being undertaken in patients with advanced and metastasised colon, prostate or breast cancer who’s primary tumour express no or low level Wnt-5a. The primary purpose of the phase 1b-study is to create a solid basis for decision on which dosage levels that should be included in the coming phase 2 study that is expected to start during 2017.

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Telephone: +46 72 702 4694

About WntResearch
WntResearch is developing a new type of cancer treatment based on pioneering research, which shows that the endogenous protein Wnt-5a plays a crucial role for tumour cells’ ability to relocate and spread inside the body. Most patients that die of cancer do so not due to the primary tumour, but due to metastasises and the need for a specific treatment to counteract metastasis is therefore in high demand.

WntResearch’s most advanced drug candidate Foxy-5 has in preclinical tests been shown to reduce tumour cells’ mobility and thereby counteract the occurrence of metastasis. The results from a completed phase 1-study show a favourable security profile and pharmacokinetics as well as early indications of biological activity. A phase 1b-study is currently ongoing in patients with cancer in colon, prostate and breast. WntResearch is a public company listed at AktieTorget in Stockholm, Sweden.

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