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Published: 2017-09-11 09:55:41

WntResearch AB: WntResearch: As announced September new research findings show that Foxy-5 counteracts spread of prostate cancer cells

WntResearch's Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Tommy Andersson, together with his research team, and in collaboration with Professor Anders Bjartell's research group, both at Lund University, has published a scientific article in the journal PLOS ONE. The article describes how Foxy-5 inhibits spread of prostate cancer cells in a model where Foxy-5 treatment is not commenced until after a primary tumor has been established in the prostate.

The study results show that administration of Foxy-5, although initiated after primary tumors have been established, strongly inhibits the spread of human tumor cells introduced into the prostate gland of mice. The researchers have used this model as it mimics the clinical reality in a better way than other models. In their experimental work, the researchers also show that the inhibitory effect on tumor spread is not due to reduced growth or increased death of the tumor cells, but is associated with decreased motion and invasiveness of the tumor cells.

The scientific article can be accessed via the following link:

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Ulf Björklund, acting CEO, WntResearch AB

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The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above on September 11th, 2017.

About WntResearch

WntResearch is developing a new type of cancer treatment based on pioneering research, which shows that the endogenous protein Wnt-5a plays a crucial role for tumor cells' ability to relocate and spread inside the body. Most patients that die of cancer do so not due to the primary tumor, but due to metastases. The need for a specific treatment to counteract metastasis is therefore in high demand.

WntResearch's most advanced drug candidate Foxy-5 has in preclinical tests been shown to reduce tumor cells' mobility and thereby counteract the occurrence of metastasis. The results from a completed phase 1 study show a favorable security profile and pharmacokinetics as well as early indications of biological activity. All patients have recently completed their treatment in a phase 1b study in colon-, prostate- and breast cancer. WntResearch is a public company listed at AktieTorget in Stockholm, Sweden. For further information:

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