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Published: 2019-03-29 09:02:16

Spotlight: Market Notice 74/19 - MenuCard AB change company name to MenuPay AB - Correction instrument name

The change only affects the company name, instrument name and FISN. The share is traded under the new name as of March 29, 2019.

Previously communicated information about instrument name was not correct. Previous instrument name was MenuCard B and the correct new instrument name is MenuPay B.

Information about the share:

New company name: MenuPay AB
Previous company name: MenuCard AB                                                                                       
Short name (unchanged): MENU B                                                                                    
New instrument name: MenuPay B
Previous instrument name: MenuCard B
ISIN-number (unchanged): SE0009383615
LEI (unchanged): 25490011H85SSLTYVH49
CFI (unchanged): ESVUFR
Previous FISN: MENUCARD/SH B                                                                                                     
Orderbook ID (unchanged): 4148
Company registration number (unchanged): 559046-2759
Trading with new name from: March 29, 2019                                        

Stockholm March 29, 2019

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