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Published: 2019-07-15 15:23:07

Miris Holding AB: Miris sell Human Milk Analyzer™ in Africa

The MedTech company Miris has sold the Miris Human Milk Analyzer™ (Miris HMA™) in South Africa, at the Stellenbosch University. That means doctors in South Africa for the first time have access to a clinical test to help analyze the nutritional content of human milk and thereby save lives by providing better neonatal care.

Miris, the global leader in human milk analysis, today announces the first sale of the Miris Human Milk Analyzer™ in Africa at Stellenbosch University, Division of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, South Africa. The Miris HMA™ measures the concentration of macronutrients in mothers’ milk, to ensure that premature and sick babies get the healthiest possible start.

 “With the Miris Milk Analyzer, we can analyse the milk of the mom and see exactly what mom is giving, and supplement accordingly. This means the babies will grow faster, have better neurodevelopmental outcomes and be discharged earlier, says Dr Evette van Niekerk, Senior Lecturer in the Division of Human Nutrition at SU"s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. “Additionally, because we are the first institution in Africa to buy this machine, it means we have the opportunity and also the responsibility to assist our fellow physicians and institutions who have preterm infants in analysing the breast milk for their pre-term infants" said Van Niekerk.

Mother’s milk helps South Africa decrease infant mortality

According to the Department of Health, one in seven babies in South Africa is born premature and approximately 60 percent of those born weighing less than 1kg do not survive, mostly due to a lack of neonatal care resources. South Africa is making efforts to improve child health. One of South Africa’s greatest challenges is to encourage women to breastfeed. But many mothers and caregivers in South Africa do not breastfeed or introduce babies to food of poor nutritional value which contribute to high levels of malnutrition, infections and poor growth. Human milk is the most effective strategy to save the lives of premature babies.

- “The installation at the University in South Africa represents a tremendous opportunity for us to help doctors and clinicians in their work to give preterm babies the healthiest possible start by supporting growth and reducing potential health issues later in life”, says Camilla Myhre Sandberg, CEO Miris. “One important key success factor to ensure babies reach their full potential is individualized nutrition of human milk. We"re so very proud to help and serve premature and sick in need in South Africa”, says Camilla.

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About Miris
Miris is a global Med Tech company who develops, manufactures, markets and sells solutions for human milk analysis. The products are used at neonatal intensive care units, milk banks and research centers worldwide. The purpose is to enable clinicians to practice individualized nutrition of human milk using target fortification, thus giving preterm babies the best possible start in life. Miris received FDA clearance for the Human Milk Analyzer™ for the US market in December 2018. The mission is to make individualized nutrition, based on breast milk, available globally to improve neonatal health. Miris Holding AB is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Sweden.

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