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Published: 2021-04-14 08:00:00

WntResearch AB: 12 patients have been randomized in the NeoFox study during the first quarter of 2021

Patient recruitment for the ongoing Phase IIa clinical study NeoFox with WntResearch's drug candidate Foxy-5 continues. Despite a significant negative impact of covid-19, an aditional 12 patients were randomized during the first quarter of 2021 totaling the number of randomisez patients to 70.

The recruitmentrate of new patients in the study is currently reduced since only half of the participating clinics in the study are actively recruiting. WntResearch aims to increase the recruitmenrate during the summer by restoring full activity at all 28 participating clinics in Hungary and Spain, provided that the negative effects of covid-19 have diminished.

"It is very gratifying that so many patients are being randomized in the NeoFox study despite the ongoing covid pandemic. The relatively good recruitment rate reflects a great interest in participating in the study, not least considering that only half of the clinics are open for patient recruitment. Our goal is to be able to reach full study activity during the summer to ensure a patient base of 120 patients to perform an interim analysis on by the end of 2022. " says CEO Anders Rabbe.

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Anders Rabbe, acting CEO
Phone: +46 707 646 500

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About WntResearch

WntResearch is a biotech company in oncology that develops new therapies intended to prevent the metastatic process. The company's research is focused on studying the endogenous protein WNT5A, which in scientific studies has shown to affect tumor cells' ability to move and spread in the body. WntResearch drug candidate Foxy-5 is a peptide that mimics the function of WNT5A and is intended to reduce the mobility and spread of cancer cells thus preventing metastases from occurring. Although current cancer treatment has become more effective, there are no effective ways to prevent the onset of metastases that cause about 90 percent of all cancer-related deaths. Foxy-5 has a unique mechanism of action and has shown a good safety profile with few side effects in two Phase I clinical trials. The safety and efficacy of Foxy-5 are now being evaluated in the ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial NeoFox, in patients with stage II-III colon cancer.

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