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Published: 2021-11-30 07:30:00

Double Bond Pharmaceutical International AB: DBP International AB Extends Joint Venture Agreement with Shijiazhuang Yuanta Biotechnology for Temodex to Hong Kong and Macao


Double Bond Pharmaceutical International AB (publ) ("DBP") has today extended the agreement with Shijiazhuang Yuanta Biotechnology Co., Ltd ("SYB") regarding setting up a joint venture in China for commercialization of Temodex in the Chinese market to Hong Kong and Macao.

Initial agreement dated May 21, 2020 related to territory of mainland China. Under the terms of the agreement DBP grants to the joint venture exclusive rights for the product for 25% of shares of the joint venture as well as €0.5 million of milestones payment conditioned by formal market approval of Temodex in China.

More about SYB and the agreement between DBP and SYB:

More about Temodex/SI-053: Temodex, which is a locally acting formulation of temozolomide developed by RI PCP in Minsk, Belarus, is registered for marketing as the first-line treatment of glioblastoma within Belarus since 2014. Temodex was acquired by DBP in autumn 2015 and is now being prepared under the name SI-053 to pass through all the tests and trials required for registration within the EU and globally. In November DBP have launched a Named Patient Treatment Access Program for Temozolomide gel (Temodex®) to provide a ground-breaking new treatment paradigm for Glioblastoma patients across the globe prior to global registration. For more information on how this product works, and how physicians can access this treatment, please go to

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Full Company Name:   Double Bond Pharmaceutical International AB (publ)

Corporate identity:       556991-6082

Stock short name:       DBP B

Share ISIN code:          SE0007185525


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Information on Double Bond Pharmaceutical International AB

DBP is a pharmaceutical company with the primary focus on development of therapies against cancer based on the company’s own developed drug delivery technology BeloGal®. The company was granted Orphan Drug Designation status by European Medicines Agency (EMA) in June 2015 for its first product, SA-033, for treatment of hepatoblastoma. Double Bond Pharmaceutical acquired rights to Temodex, a drug registered in Belarus for treatment of brain tumours, in October 2015, and was granted Orphan Drug Designation status by EMA for in July 2016 for this formulation of temozolomide for the treatment of glioma. The formulation is now being further developed for registration in EU and globally and has a working name SI-053 in DBP pipeline.

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