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Published: 2023-03-16 08:30:00

Freetrailer Group A/S: Freetrailer increases the level of activity in Germany - enters into strategic co-operation with Space Plus Store GmbH

Freetrailer Group A/S has just signed a three-year co-operation agreement with the German self storage company Space Plus Store GmbH. The agreement initially applies to the cities of Bochum, Essen, Hagen, Oberhausen, and during 2023 and 2024, a further 12 locations will be added throughout the country.

"At Space Plus Store, we see the agreement as a clear game changer for the company's development. I have been looking for this type of service for our customers for a long time and the timing is perfect. Freetrailer's concept is brilliant and I am confident that we can now raise our service level considerably. This is crucial for a company like ours, and with this agreement, we now make it even easier for customers to transport items to and from our self storage warehouses, says Russell Jordan, CEO of Space Plus Store GmbH and continues:


In our search for business partners, we target what we call A-list brands, and here Freetrailer is an ideal match. We already have good experience with this type of service, and I have no doubt that a structured and professional execution of the agreement will mean more and happier customers for our warehouses."


Freetrailer is already present at 39 IKEA stores across the country, and the collaboration with Space Plus Store GmbH will meet the need for more free trailers from a growing customer base.


"The German market is growing significantly right now, and we clearly see an increasing demand for our products throughout the country. Therefore, the agreement with the new partner comes at a perfect time. Space Plus Store GmbH has a strong brand in Germany, and there is no doubt that they will be a strategically important partner for us for many years to come," says Ralf Stolz, Country Manager for Freetrailer in Germany.





For more information about Freetrailer Group A/S please contact:

Ralf Stolz, Country Manager, Tyskland
Telefon: +49 (0) 175 7793345

Nicolai Frisch Erichsen, Interim CEO
Phone: +45 26 81 81 28

About Freetrailer Group A/S

Freetrailer was founded in 2004 as a sharing economy platform that makes it easy for the consumer to rent a trailer. Thanks to the user-friendly app, consumers can take care of their own trailer rental.

Freetrailer is working with a two-part growth plan, where strengthening the existing domestic markets forms one part, and further internationalization of the concept forms the other.


+75 partners
+700 pick-up points
+3,000 trailers
+800,000 rentals

Today, Freetrailer Group stands with a scalable business concept built on an innovative IT platform with global potential. Freetrailer Group A/S was listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in 2018.

Ticker code: FREETR

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