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Published: 2023-09-22 15:50:00

Wicket Gaming AB: Wicket Gaming's subsidiary Unger & Fiedler and the German development studio QM Interactive signs co-production agreement for kids educational-game "Captain Hog & Friends"

Unger & Fiedler and QM Interactive sign agreement to jointly develop first game title based on the IP "Captain Hog & Friends"

The game “Captain Hog’s Island Adventure (working title)” is a role-play-game with an educational background. It will be created for a young target audience aged 6 to 12 and  addresses a casual approach of an economic simulation. “Captain Hog’s Island adventure” combines both fun and knowledge: the game is about protecting the environment and shows how mankind's behavior does influence our planet. By this it does contribute to teaching children about sustainability and how we can treat ourselves and our environment respectfully and responsibly.

In the co-production agreement, QM Interactive is responsible for the development of the game and its corresponding production budget while Unger & Fiedler will provide graphical assets and art direction for the upcoming title. “Captain Hog and his Friends” is a transmedia IP developed by Unger & Fiedler co-founder and Art director Jens Fielder. It was first presented to the public at Frankfurt Book Fair in 2021 and was picked by the fair as an excellent example of transmedia IP development.

QM Interactive GmbH was founded by Quirin Münch and has a track record of 10 years in developing interactive content for various publishers and clients. The joint project is a next step into a long lasting relationship between Unger & Fiedler and QM Interactive.

The Game will be developed for Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile Devices. More information about the game and release date will be announced later.

You find more information about “Captain Hog & Friends” here:

Unger & Fiedlers's Art director and creator of Captain Hog, Jens Fiedler, comments:

"With Captain Hog & Friends” we created something unique. We are happy to join forces with QM Interactive to put the first game of our IP into reality”

QM Interactive, CEO, Quirin Münch, comments:

"We see the enormous potential of Captain Hog-IP and are happy that we came to an agreement in order to co-produce the first game. Since we already have a playable prototype, we do see that we were right that this IP is worth playing"


For further information, please contact:

Eric de Basso, CEO, Wicket Gaming AB
Phone: +46 70 780 52 00


About Wicket Gaming

Wicket Gaming is a Swedish gaming and digital education company consisting of two verticals, Games and EdTech. Within the Games vertical, the business idea is based on developing and distributing free-to-play games ("F2P") within mobile games for Android and iOS. Within EdTech, the Company focuses on developing products in genres such as Game-based Learning and Serious Games, it is in these areas that Wicket Gaming has identified the greatest synergies between the Company's two verticals.

For more information, see Wicket Gaming's website

About QM Interactive

QM Interactive GmbH  is a development company in the PC and video games industry headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. The company focuses on development. With its track record of about 100 completed projects, the company does offer a large scale of development services, including console and mobile games development.


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