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Published: 2023-09-22 16:50:00

Wicket Gaming AB: Wicket Gaming's subsidiary Wegesrand receives additional orders from existing clients worth approximately 1.2 MSEK (100.000 EUR)

Wicket Gaming´s subsidiary, Wegesrand, has received additional orders from existing clients worth approximately 1.2 MSEK (100.000 EUR).

Wegesrand have received orders worth approximately 1.2 MSEK (100.000 EUR) in the last weeks based on the enlargement of existing projects by providing additional marketing services, such as films, pr-services and website development.

Existing clients, such as the European Hanseatic Museum, Ludwig-Erhard-House, City Museum Hameln, Kunsthalle Mannheim, just to name a few, are frequently using the marketing services offered by Wegesrand for the projects created by the company.

By offering these services, Wegesrand is transforming its business into a one-stop-shop solution for gamified and simulative solutions and as a side-effect improves the relation to existing clients.

Wegesrand´s Head of Business Development and Marketing, Kaspar van Treeck, comments:

“We felt the demand from clients to do additional marketing material – and who could be better suited than us as the didactics and creatives to adopt the project into diverse media formats. With our competences, also in the creation of film and pr, we simply fulfill an enormous demand from our clients.”

Wicket Gaming's CEO, Eric de Basso, comments:

“Wegesrand is turning into a one-stop-solution when it comes to premium serious games. We see a high potential to improve the quality of service and the customer lifetime value by enhancing our services in this field.”


For further information, please contact:

Eric de Basso, CEO, Wicket Gaming AB
Phone: +46 70 780 52 00


About Wicket Gaming

Wicket Gaming is a Swedish gaming and digital education company consisting of two verticals, Games and EdTech. Within the Games vertical, the business idea is based on developing and distributing free-to-play games ("F2P") within mobile games for Android and iOS. Within EdTech, the Company focuses on developing products in genres such as Game-based Learning and Serious Games, it is in these areas that Wicket Gaming has identified the greatest synergies between the Company's two verticals.

For more information, see Wicket Gaming's website

About Wegesrand

Wegesrand is a provider of interactive educational products, with a focus on playfulness. The company is a multi awarded supplier of high quality learning solutions in the field of gamification, serious games and game-based-learning, including interactive experiences for museums, K12 school education and corporate learning applications.

For more information, see Wegesrand`s website




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