Follicum is a pharmaceutical company. The greatest focus is on the development of drug candidates that stimulate hair growth in patients. Currently products are held that may stimulate hair growth, but also hamper the degree of hair growth, mainly derived from hirsutism, which implicates unusually large production of hair in women. The pharmaceutical consists of endogenous, human proteins, which influence the processing of hair follicles. The company was established in 2011 and is based in Lund.

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  • Jonas Edelswärd (tf)

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  • Gun-Britt Fransson


  • Alejandra Mørk
  • Carl-Johan Spak
  • Lars H. Bruzelius


Largest Owners

Name Capital % Votes % Date
Avanza Pension 8,65 8,65 2021-12-31
Recipharm Venture Fund AB 5,34 5,34 2021-12-31
Mats Paulssons Stiftelse För Forskning Innovation Samhällsbygg 3,92 3,92 2021-12-31
Brushamn Invest AB 3,42 3,42 2021-12-31
Tibia Konsult AB 3,38 3,38 2021-12-31
Mats Lundberg 2,67 2,67 2021-12-31
Dan Peters 2,45 2,45 2021-12-31
Erik Fällström via bolag 2,45 2,45 2020-12-31
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring 2,20 2,20 2021-12-31
Pia Althin 2,02 2,02 2021-12-31

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